Chronic Yeast infection after yeast infection

Girls... I cant take this anymore. Pleasee anything will do!!

Can someone with chronic yeast infection tell me how they stopped it? I have them every month and i had every single test.. Pap, std test, hormones, blood, urine multiple times.. Ultrasounds a lot, pelvic exams.. All clear and i still have vaginal yeast infection every month.. The doc always just handles me antifungals sometimes to apply down there sometimes the oral pill and it clears up until next month and I'm again at the gyno office... I've cut down on sugar, wear only cotton undies, sex only with condoms with my only partner(but no sex for the last month or two), don't use any soap down there.. I'm not diabetic.. I'm not on any birth control.. Tried boric acid, monistat at home, doctors prescription , Nothing helps for the long term. The next month its back😑😑😑😑 month after month this has been going for a year now. Please someone how dld you cure your yeast infections I'M DESPARATE