Future Daddy’s Girl maybe ?

Abigail • First time Mom of Baby Girl Alexandra my Christmas baby 12-25-19 👶 🌈

Was on a video call with my sister trying for what seemed like forever to find baby’s heartbeat. Whenever we would try to maybe identify if that was her she would move and we would lose it. Finally got fed up with the Doppler and just decided to leave her alone. My husband comes home and I explained what we tried to do for like the last hour or so and even earlier in the day, and he’s like well try again she has to be somewhere. Pick up the Doppler and try again(mind you he’s talking to me going on and one about his day). I kid you not we found her heartbeat in literally no time and we could hear it for a good while literally found it like three times as long as he was talking she was there 🥰