I don’t have the perfect bump..


I know every pregnancy is different, but i just needed to type it out because I feel silly opening up to someone. I’m so insecure about my numb. This is my second pregnancy, I had a c section with my first, and it left my stomach to hang a little. It was improving, and then I got pregnant again. I’m 30 weeks, and I don’t have the big round bump I had with my first. It does pop out a little the top but I still have a hang, my stomach isn’t round. I don’t even have pictures from this pregnancy because I hate the way I look. My stomach isn’t even hard, it’s squishy. I just wish I had the same bump with my first pregnancy. Please don’t comment anything rude, I know this isn’t in my control or something I shouldn’t be upset about, but it is. I’m over all happy my baby is healthy, and I’m lucky I’m having another baby. This is just my own personal insecurity.