I don't know what to do


Hi all i don't want this to be a depressing post or anything i just need advice. I am currently 16 turning 17 in august. I live with my mum and brother and i hate it.. I constantly sit in my room to wait for my birthday so i can start driving and leave her. I had depression when i was 14 and it lasted till i was 15. I lost my dad when i was 8 and watched him die so ive been through quite enough. I am so tired and so drained, I get money every two weeks and i buy my mum stuff like makeup clothes stuff for her room and i have hardly anything, i have only 2-4 outfits i could wear out and hardly any make up. I always put her first because i feel guilty! she has everything, my other brothers and sister left her. I can't be at peace in this house, i am already depressed because i feel ugly, i have a gap in my teeth and my mum wont take me to my dentist. Ive lost all my friends from moving town to town. I am mentally drained i just want to kill myself and be at peace with my dad, she keeps telling me i know where the door is and kicking me out and tells me to f*ck off with my boyfriend who gives her money when she needs it and took us all out. My brother is also on her side, she tells him to bang on my door because she assumes i have her things when i don't. What i wanna know is should i move out when i get a job when i am 17 and get a place with my boyfriend? we have been together nearly 2 years and hes never judged me or my background and he makes me the happiest even when my mum calls me every name under the sun. She once threw a glass bowl at me because i didnt bring a cup down from my room. Its hard to ignore her because she gets angry. I don't know what to do please help guys i wish i had a better mum i always see my friends loving with their mum and i can't with mine, I always have to say i love her and she wont even say it back. I have to ask for hugs and half the time she says no and i feel like a weirdo. Any advice is needed please should i just move out when im 17 or try and stick around till 18 and save up for a place. My cousins mum has a car for me ready by the way and my boyfriends uncle is doing all the tax and stuff and i have money saved for lessons so i will 100% be driving. Thanks all x