♥️Thank you to my glow community friends! ♥️

HanaBee🦦 • TTC 👶🏽#1 after ectopic pregnancy on 3/2017 (1 Fallopian tube)

Hello my wonderful glow community friends! I hope each and everyone of you are well. I’m going to try and make this as short as possible. So, I have scheduled an HSG test for July 9th. I’m hoping that day is a good day to do the test because I’ve heard you can’t be on your menstrual cycle and you can’t be ovulating? If that is correct? Any-who, I had an ectopic pregnancy in March of 2017 and had my right tube removed and was told my left tube had “minimal adhesions”. I’ve been keeping hope ALIVE! I’ve read over and over again all the success stories of having my tube unblocked with this possible HSG. I would love to read about your overall

experiences, should you have any. ♥️ As always thank you all for sharing your stories good/bad. It makes me realize we are not alone after all!