“Is he hungry?”


I ebf. We’re staying with my in laws this weekend. It feels like every other word out of my FIL’s mouth is “is he hungry?” This morning my MIL made cinnamon rolls and of xourse just as were sittinf down to eat breakfast, baby wants to eat. No big deal, I’m used to it and take him to eat. He eats great, has a good meal so I head back to the breakfast table after handing the baby to my husband (everybody has left the table and is finished eating. My turn.) our son starts crying and my father in law starts saying to my husband “it seems like he’s still hungry. He must not have ate enough.” So I said “I always let him eat until he refuses. He’s not hungry.” And he said “oh, I didnt know you were sitting there.” So if I wasn’t sitting there, then he could talk about how I don’t let him eat enough? His kids were all formula fed so I guess he’s used to knowing exactly how many ounces they ate and it being a more predictable schedule. I’m sure the uncertainty of breastfeeding makes him nervous, but this has worked as long as human beings have existed. My baby is fine. I said “he’s just tired” and my fil said “he wouldn’t be tired after sleeping 7.5 hours last night.” Hard eye roll in my head. I put down my cinnamon roll, take him to nurse again, of course he doesn’t want to, so I rock him to sleep and lay him down in a bouncer right beside my FIL. Back to breakfast....

Thanks for listening to my rant. 🙃