College fund


Has anyone looked into their state college fund or started one?

We will be opening a Pa529 and there’s 2 options.

The guaranteed plan which basically keeps up with the rate of inflation and rising college costs. I can pick a tuition level for her (community college all the way to Ivy League), and I believe it locks in the price of college today once I open it? Not 100% about that though I need to research more.

The investment one which has different stocks, bonds, etc. It has an option that is “age based” so as she gets older it moves it from super aggressive to more conservative automatically. Nothing’s guaranteed and we can either gain or lose a lot or little.

Both have same tax advantages.

Thoughts or opinions? I was leaning toward the guaranteed but now I’m wondering if we should do the investment one 😫 I’d like to save as much as I can for her for college but if we’re short in the end it’s fine too.

Average prices per Pennsylvania Treasury Website