Update: im pregnant ๐Ÿ˜ž Possibly pregnant , in need of alternate decision information.

2nd update: I feel everything and nothing at the same time, I can't believe I've found myself in this position and just as I thought , my SO is asking me to reconsider my decision. He is heartbroken. I wish it didn't have to be this way. Just makes me angry all over again that I had to have my csection that's the one reason I put my foot down on not having another baby within 2 years. If I had had a vaginal birth and I didn't have so many risks to fear I would be able to make my other reasons work. I think I'll need a lot of alone time while I get things figured out. Can anyone tell me what to expect in this process.

THIS is gonna be long

I don't need back lash.

After having my son emergency Csection and talking with my OB post pardum, as well as my counselor and psychiatrist for my mental issues , along with my personal decisions, I made the decision that if I were to become pregnant within 2 years of my csection I would abort .

NOT wanting to put myself in that position I have been on BC and we have used condoms AND he agreed he would still be pulling out the moment he finished because we absolutely do not want another baby within those two years.

Well while I sit here and wait for him to bring me my pregnancy tests after work , I'm so angry , I'm so sad and so many other things, because I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant.

I knew I had to make the decision while of sound mind not clouded by pregnancy hormones and my fiancรฉs begin to keep, so I need information and support in case this is truely what I believe it is.

I know this will break my fiancรฉs heart and he will not be able to give me the support I need. It's breaking my heart at the thought of it being necessary, but if I am, it is necessary.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where to go , who to call ? What to expect of the process , and how you cope emotionally?

Update to the person suggesting adoption, it's not that the child is not wanted it's that the pregnancy is unwanted .

My biggest reason (though I do not owe it to you) is that having a 4 month old would mean if not Irish twins , DAMN near close to it and I will not put my body through that again this soon ESPECIALLY because I had a csection and extremely fear tearing open my uterus, which is an increased risk the sooner you become pregnant after a csection.

Update to the person saying I'm probably not : I haven't had a regular period yet in the 4 months since my sons been born I went on my sugar pills Sunday before last and never got my period it's now been 14 days since expecting a period.

Ivehad several extreme bouts of nausea that I haven't had since I was pregnant and I had HG through my entire pregnancy so I threw up ALOT and in a certain way I never had before , well I did that twice today. I'll be taking my test in about half hour.- I couldn't wait the half hour - I'm so sad.

Rn I have so much anxiety .

Update to Emma : my OB and I discussed there will be too many risks for ME . He wanted me to get on an inplant BC to ensure I don't get pregnant but I refuse to have an implant that's why I've used so many other forms of BC simultaneously. I won't put my body through a pregnancy before I should, and possibly cost myself my entire uterus and my life. My son needs his mother. And that note alone - I almost killed myself during my last pregnancy, I'm not doing that again.

Man am I glad I don't live in fucking Alabama.