Pregnant but cold all the time??



Hey, I don’t know if anyone else has had this symptom, but I’m 7 weeks pregnant and I’m cold 90% of the time. Like COLD cold.

Before baby, I was prone to being hot. I’m very hot natured, and I expected that to get even worse once I found out I was pregnant cause of how many women experience hot flashes like all day long lol

So I was kind of concerned when I noticed how chilly I’m getting, to the point that I’m uncomfortable at work and just begging to wrap up in a blanket.

But the nurse said over the phone that some women’s hormones just cause an opposite reaction and cause the woman to feel really cold instead of really hot.

So even more recently, within the past couple days, I’ve noticed that I’m really cold in the mid morning-afternoon, then around the time I get off work, I’m hot and ready to throw on some shorts or jump in a pool.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if they’ve experienced anything like this in their pregnancy??


Yesterday morning I had my cardigan wrapped as tight as I possibly could without ripping a stitch lol, but then when I got back from lunch, I was so hot I just stood in the office kitchen with my head and arms in the freezer 😂

Then this morning, my hands felt like ice. And I couldn’t concentrate on my work, so I snuck off to the bathroom and held them under really warm water for like 5 minutes.