I did it!!❤

Madi • Stella 10/03/16❤ Baby B due 01/06/20💙

Kind of off topic, I just really wanted to share to anyone that may be young and struggling in this group.. I fell pregnant at 14, after my first semester of grade 9.. I dropped out and life was really going downhill. When october came I was 15, and I had my babygirl on the 3rd. I decided it was time to go back to school so a month later I went back to this amazing program that offered me daycare while I got my school credits. 3 years later, on time i actually graduated, I finished my grade 12 despite everything that had happened in my life. I'm now 18, with a wonderful almost 3 year old and a baby boy due January 6th. GIRLS I PROMISE YOU CAN DO IT❤❤