Vehicle problems. Hours been cut. Another baby coming need advice

So I need some advice I don’t know what to do.

My husbands hours have been cut and we are gonna be very tight on money like he gots 30hrs a fucking week now

And well I got alot of bills we kind of want to get rid of the truck cause we still owe on it and we only pay $250 a month. And that $250 I can drop on different bills to pay off quicker. but god forbid something happens to my car cause we won’t have a vehicle at all!

We still owe $3100 on the Truck and it needs work but my husband says it needs about the same price of work done.

But I don’t know how else to get some money to pay other bills.

My car payment is $450 a month I can’t trade it in cause I traded my old car for this 7months ago before I found out we were expecting. (I’m 5months) My husband has a work truck so that saves us on gas but again if something happens to my vehicle we won’t have another to fall on wed have to come up with a down payment for something else. But as tight as everything has been we’ve already used up our savings so we have been paycheck to paycheck so it’s been very hard on us. My husband said his hours will pick back up but he don’t know when. He says when they pick up we can save and get a bigger vehicle (used buy cash) but I’m just worried how we are going to do all of this. I don’t wanna be stressing but I have no idea what to do.