Burning candle at both ends

My husband works 12's a day with a hour drive each way. He also sleeps in our guest room. So me and baby are together 20 hours a day. My husband has no experience with babies. If I ask him to do anything he immediately asks for help. I can't pee, shower, or even make us dinner without him needing me. Our baby is 6 weeks old and I am exhausted. He can't even rock the baby to sleep. I have tried asking him to figure it out take initiative. I am burned out from how dependent he is on me to do everything even after he has been shown and guided for 6 weeks and all the classes we've taken.

He told me he wants another baby that he wants to try for a second in 6 months. He is just so clueless how I am right now and my basic needs are not met. I am burning at both ends. And he's planning for more kids. He has no idea where I am at no matter how I tell him I am feeling and what I need from him.

I don't know what to do talking to him showing him guiding him and letting him figure it out nothing is working.

I left baby alone for the first time with my mom today just to go to the dentist. It was a break to get a cavity fixed. That is how desperate I am.