Tracking shows 7w but U/S shows 4 weeks


This past Saturday I got a positive pregnancy test!! We have been trying for 4 years so we were so very excited! On Sunday I had extreme cramping on my left side and spotted once when I went to the bathroom. Monday night the pain woke me up and also had light brown spotting. I was afraid it was an ectopic pregnancy so I had an ultrasound done last night. The ultrasound showed it wasn’t but it showed that I was 4 weeks. I had blood drawn today to see what my levels are. I’m really afraid that the embryo isn’t growing and I keep thinking the worst! The u/s tech said with the 4 week embryo that I should have conceived in the beginning of June. I ovulated May 30 and had sex but the first day of my last period was May 5. I’m so worried!