Am I meant to be alone???😕

So I asked out one of my friends to prom and she said yes. She asked uf we were just going as friends and I said " what? Yeah of course." I did like her and I didn't want her to turn me down.

It was two days before prom and we were hanging out and she turned to me and said " hey wanna her a secret?" She sounded flirty so I just kind of when along with it and said " yeah, of course I do." She got close to me and whispered in my hear " I have a crush on someone" I was shocked I didn't want to seem to phased by this so I asked her playfully " Ooooooooo who is it???" She looked around the room and looked me in the eye and said "Audrey"

When I got home I ran to my room and started crying and crying. My heart hurt so bad. I liked her, but I also wanted to be more. She is kind and beautiful and just amazing. I didn't speak to her untill prom night. I drove to the park in town where everyone get their pictures taken and I saw her. I decided to act normal and friendly to her even though I was in so much pain. We got to the prom and we were slow dancing and throughout the whole thing she was just starring at Audrey. I told her to go and talk to her and have fun. She ran over to her and they hit it off. My friend who's heart was broken that night we danced and talked about our problems. One song at the end of the night she walks over to me and said she was leaving guessed it, Audrey.

My friend that I was dancing with grabbed me by the face and said "you don't need her when you got me." He is one of the best friends I could ever ask for. He may be moving away soon and I don't want him to go. I think the universe just wants me to be alone with my 2 cats forever, but oh well.