I need professional help

Is it normal to get so stressed and overwhelmed and angry when my newborn cries? I may or may not have PPD. Not diagnosing myself at all but sometimes I truly just want to run away. She cries so loud, so often, and I can’t find out why. She will sleep through the night so I’m not sleep deprived. But during the day she demands to be held 24/7 which I know is normal but I simply cannot do it alone. My husband works all the time so he’s not much help. I have her 24/7 and I have no friends or family to help. Tonight it got so bad that I put her in her bassinet and just left her for 5 mins. I shut the door and grabbed what I needed. What I had been putting off for some time now and then returned. I only left her for 5 minutes. I felt horrible the entire time leaving her but my anxiety faded and my anger went away. Once I came back to her I changed her diaper and put her in her sleep sack and tried to nurse her since she wasn’t as upset anymore. Didn’t work so I just left her alone and laid next to her in my bed. She passed out. I guess the crying just exhausted her. Now I feel terrible. I don’t know what to do anymore but her crying sends me over the edge. I have the worst migraine and she just stressed me out so bad as well as my other child. I get fever blisters and now I have a breakout coming and I only get those when I’m under immense stress. Didn’t even get one while pregnant. I just don’t know what to do. Should I get ear plugs or talk to my doctor about medicine?

I love her but she is really draining the life out of me.