How do u guys do it!!!

So im trying to loose weight. Im 4”9” and i weight 141. My whole life ive been 80-95lbs until 5 years ago.. first i lost my baby. Few years later. I lost my mom, uncle, and aunt. Then my dogs. Then i got pregnant and lost her/him too. My husband than cheated on me... while going thru all that. Food was the only thing that made me feel better. So i ate and ate and ate. I told my husband i want to try for a baby. But first i wanna lose all this weight. Im trying to drop to 105-110... ive been dieting for 2 weeks. Really a week. Cuz last week i cheated and ate later than I should’ve and it was a huge amount. Then the next i did it again... i have no control over food. If i see it or smell it. Im eating it... how do i stay focused..