My very serious boyfriend lied about his age

When we first met he said he was 10 years older than me. I like older guys and I liked him a lot so I was OK with it especially that he is very healthy and doesn't look old at all. Yesterday I realized through Google (where I found his resume) that he was 14 years older then me. When confronted he said that he didn't have the courage to tell me and he had no intention to mislead or hurt me. He was just scared that with a big age gap, I won't date him and won't eventually end up having a serious relationship. He said he was also scared to tell me while we became serious because of my reaction. I Love this man so much and he does a lot to me but a 14 years gap (I'm 24,he is 38) and him lying about it. I'm questioning the whole deal.

Serious advice pleaseee, I'm in need of you