Really could use some comforting words and prayers

Casey • Bailey Theresa and Dakota Kathleen due 1-1-20 💖💖

On my last day of work on Friday before my summer vacation, I had to leave early for an emergency OBGYN appointment because I was having a lot of brown discharge. OB said it was just old blood leaving my body.

Had an appointment with my OBGYN and my perinatal on Tuesday and the spotting had gone down tremendously and they said the twins looked good and they couldn’t see any cause for the discharge.

Woke up yesterday with a tremendous amount of red blood. Went to the ER and had tests done and they couldn’t find a source of the blood either and babies both had strong heartbeats. However, they diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage, and I am essentially on bedrest for the next three weeks until I see my OB and perinatal again.

Has anyone else ever been told they had a threatened miscarriage? Should I be worried about losing the twins? They told me the red blood could be my vagina cleaning out more blood, my organs being irritated from the shifting, or that tiny blood vessels attached to my placenta could’ve detached and small blood is coming out. Im so worried and just need some kind words or advice from anyone whose gone or going through this.