Best pick up line ever!


So a little back story. I’m a type 1 diabetic. My 8 year anniversary of being diagnosed is coming up in July. Anyway my husband and I have been married for going on four years now. So last night my sugar was running a little low so I was eating a snack to help bring it back up. My husband saw this before he went to shower. So I was standing in our room cleaning up a bit before bed and he gets out of the shower and comes in the room and asks if I’m done with my diabetic snack. I’m like yeah I’m done eating my snack. He looked me straight in the eyes and dead ass said “good because I’m about to eat my own diabetic snack”. Then he whipped off his towel. Guys I busted up laughing so hard because he was so serious. Needless to say he got to have his own diabetic snack last night 🤪☺️