Please tell me if this is right or wrong?

My SO was supposed to be getting a free apartment from his VA. But we both got into a heated argument, he got aggressive, and I called the cops on him. So we lost that. We both are also struggling financially, short on cash. But he lives off my government welfare and he also works a part time job.

Anyways, he's blaming everything on me. He says I'm bad luck, I have too many sins, I like destroying lives, that's why we're struggling right now. Hes been calling me names like bitch, even for no reason, hes been really rude to me, and most of the time he's rude to me.

I'd get upset by his rudeness and he'd get even more mad and say I'm supposed to give him hope. I caused all this so it's fair for him to treat me like shit. He said its my job to give him hope, not give up.