So I need advice !!!!


UPDATE: I cancelled appt still haven't tested , but I rescheduled with a different fertility that allows insurance ( something's they will pay meds etc..)

It's alot cheaper but still a 5 star .. thanks for all the comments :)

So tomorrow my husband and I are going to fertility specialist to discuss

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, we've been trying to concieve for 20 months for baby #2 . Well I'm in my tww, I am expected to start my period tomorrow or Friday but the last week I am so dizzy and and exhausted it's not even funny ! My question is should I test today to see if I'm positive or just wait it out and go to the fertility specialist..also since fertility isn't covered under Insurance it's gonna cost $340 for the first visit !!! It would be amazing to be pregnant before I go !!! So any advice would be great ... And please no nasty comments I get it I can test but I'm very nervous bc I don't have luck like that ! Lol