Dietary Intolerances & Possible Pregnancy?

So I’m sitting here eating my normal breakfast (Greek yogurt, granola, fruit & coffee) and I am having the worst acid reflux it’s making me nauseous. My husband got home from training about 6 weeks ago and we had sex pretty much every day for like 2 weeks 🙈 I wasn’t ovulating as far as I know and my last period was really short compared to what’s normal for me but I still bled so i figured there’s no way I’m pregnant.

Well, I cannot eat hardly anything without my stomach getting so upset especially dairy and bread which I have neverrr had an issue with.. and now it’s other digestive issues and I’m waking up with headaches every other day it feels like. Should I be buying a pregnancy test today lol? Any other ladies have similar experiences? Or am I just developing intolerances to food at a coincidental time?😂