Pregnant with an IUD

Somehow I am in the .01 percentile of copper IUD pregnancies. Neither my fiancé or me wants kids. We actually really dislike children. We get married in two months and had plans to leave the state, and drive around in a camper long term. Now it doesn’t seem possible. I’m afraid this will tear us apart because we’ve had an abortion before and I refuse to go through another one. Despite not wanting kids, not being financially stable, not having good jobs... I just can’t justify an abortion twice. Once was hard enough. Idk what to do. I just feel like the whole world has come crashing down. I don’t want to hear about how motherhood or parenthood is a blessing or miracle. Because it’s not the same for everyone. Spare me the guilt, because I already feel bad enough. I just really wish I had someone I could talk to other than my fiancé about this.