Was I Wrong?

So my husband has been avoiding his mother for months over an argument. And today he called me and asked me to call her and ask her what she was doing but not to tell her that he was in town, so I call her and she's in a good mood and with another family member and long story stort I say that he's in town and he might just want to stop by, because he has a history of, to put it lightly, being mean whether he's in the right or not and the warning signs of him getting upset seem like a normal disagreement, so it's very easy to overlook the red flags when he is about to blow up.

And his mother tends to get very nervous when it comes to him because he can react extreme at times and I didn't want to put her in that position. she has helped us so much and has been there for me more than my own mother has. when I told him that I told her he got very upset and said that he didn't want to live like this anymore and wanted to leave.

Was I wrong?

We've done this so many times and I don't know how to keep being the mediator anymore..part of me thinks it would be better for him to just leave and for us to break up because I don't know how to keep doing this and he feels like if I would just do exactly what he says that things would be fine maybe he's right but I I guess I'm not the woman for him. I don't know I just I'm tired of being the monkey in the middle I guess.

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