Not sure what to do or think

So I just found out my husband dated a 14 yr old when he was 28 years old. He claims he was madly in love with her and she was the only 14 yr old he had been with and he went to jail for her multiple times. Their relationship lasted for two years and I talked to her and she said she was willing to be with him but she didn't love him. So my question is will he do it again and is he attracted to all 14 yr olds? I've tried to talk to him about this but he gets mad and says I'm judgemental. Any advice helps thank you please no back lash or negative comments. I am shocked since I just found out. P.s. to me a 14 yr old is a kid and I dont know how a grown man could even be turned on by someone of that age especially when they are not developed in any way even if they claim to be in love with them it doesn't change that person's body or mindset.

***update on some info***

So to answer some questions: first off she was a family friend to his boss's family and that's how they started talking. Second: he told her no many times in the start of things but she would not stop pursuing him including talking to her family. Third: her mother groomed her from a young age to go for an older man so they could file charges in order to get victims pay which she did get about 10,000 and then some which he willing signed up to pay. Fourth: he completed all programs required by the court including extreme therapy and was deemed not a threat by the court. Fifth: he says hes disgusted with himself and doesnt know why he let it happen. Lastly: I found out she did this to many older guys in order to get victims pay including my cousin when she was 16. In the end, I feel I should trust him because he said he will do anything to prove he is not a pedofile etc. This was over 10 years ago and no other incident has occurred. I only found out because she wont stop messaging him even when he asks her to stop and she has even threatened me.