I'm Speechless 😲

Anna E

So as you can see, I had a period this month. It was 3 days early but it lasted all 5 days! I noticed that I cramped more than usual this period and I didn't pass clots like I usually do! So fast forward....

Today I was curious as to why I keep spotting and cramping. I was thinking it was maybe ovulation pain since my calendar said I was there. Another voice said test (I did test a day before my period started in the calendar pic above... The test was negative). So I decided to test today using the two small strips you see. I thought I had line eyes so I called my husband to look. He agreed there was 2 lines. We get in the car and go to the store to get 2 different tests. Come back home dip them and this happens. I'm in shock! So was that not my period I had last week? I don't even know how to determine when I conceived because of last week. Did it happen during my fertile week or is it a chance it happened one of the 3 days we did it during the period last week? Help me out ladies!