Nicole • Married to my soulmate😍💗, Mommy to Jayden born 9/7/19👶🏽💙

My husband and I decided to purchase a house a while back. Originally our closing date was projected as 7/1, but it keeps getting pushed back. I found out today that we likely won’t close until 8/15. My due date is 9/1 and I have a strong feeling that my son is going to come in August.

I’m really upset finding this out because I feel like we will have 0 time to prepare for the baby now. We haven’t put together anything for his nursery because we don’t want to disassemble anything to move, I haven’t washed any of his clothes because I don’t want to dirty them in transport, etc.

I feel like my son is going to be born into complete chaos and once he’s here my husband and I won’t have the time/energy to unpack. We live in a different country than our family and no one coming for the birth so we have no one to help.