Vomiting 33 weeks, labor near?

Brittany • Married💍 1 amazing little girl 7-9-19🤱🏽

So little back story, since 29 weeks to 31 weeks I’ve been dilated 1, now 33+2 I’m dilated 1-1/2 I did test positive on FFN test... I have NEVER not once in my entire pregnancy been sick or even the slightest nausea let alone vomiting, also lost a huge part of my mucus plug today (I know that can grow back) but anyone who had a sick free pregnancy have this before they went into labor? Have had Braxton Hicks and period like cramps for last couple days too.... just wanting some insights, I have an apt first thing in the morning with my dr. i have zero flu like symptoms, no fever or any of that sort... and I’ve read on google that can vomiting without fever can be a sign... just want to hear someone’s experience!

UPDATE: anyone interested in an update,

I’m now dilated 2-1/2 and 40% thinned... dr does believe I’m progressing rather quickly... was able to feel babes head and sent me for the steroid shots for her lungs..