I don’t want anyone in the ER

Is it weird that I really don’t want anyone to bother me during my labor, I don’t want anyone in the room giving birth or directly after. I wasn’t exactly planning on a kid and I don’t like the father but he’s present. He thinks that he should be apart of the process including being in the room and I really don’t want that. I feel like that’s something you do with someone you love or even like and I don’t really feel neither of those. Plus his family want to be in the room which is extra weird bc he’s a lot older so and so are they. Then my guardian family being as intrusive as they are will barge into the room as well and I’m just not trying to deal with either. Is it bad that I don’t want anyone in there? I don’t like my family, I don’t even know his family that well, and I really don’t like him enough to have him watch me give birth. I need real advice, not you slept with him so blah blah blah

Thank yall