what would you do in my situation

so i met a guy in april and we went on a date a week later. everything went fine and we ended up making out in his car.

but later that night when i texted him he kept answering with one word replies and it was just a super dry convo so i didn’t bother texting him anymore

He didn’t message for TWO months and then messaged me a few days ago saying “I know we havent talked for a while thats my fault sometimes i forget to text and dont end up texting back”

I forgave him, but then he asked me if i’ve “ever been with someone, not relationship wise” and if i wanted to hang out.....

Does this sound like a player? I’m just so upset that he didnt message me for two months making me think that i did something wrong and then comes back asking to hang out and if im a virgin......

What do u guys think? what would u do in my situation?