Oops....we did it again 😬🙊❤️

Melissa • 29 years old-HS sweethearts,💍5/30/15❤️, PCOS May 2016,started ttc journey 11/2017. TTC baby#1, currently proud fur mama to 🐶🐱🐱


My husband and I have been married for four but together for 14 and struggling with TTC for almost 2 years. I have PCOS and some pretty large fibroids that my doc “isn’t concerned about.” I tried clomid for two cycles but oh boy did I have some painful side effects 😖 I was put on femara beginning of May and doc had me come in for a follicle u/s to see if that med was helping and to see what all I had follicle wise, I had one dominant and I got my period...7 days early (go figure!)🙄🙁.

Shortly after we purchased our home we decided to adopt a cat........or two from a local shelter. We love them and they’re adorable and we have a dog from when hubby and I graduated high school 11 years ago. Max is getting to be an old man. ☹️😩 so shortly after bringing the last cat home I decided I didn’t want any more fur babies until we brought home a real baby.....because we were FINALLY going to start actively TTC.....

WELL let me tell you fast forward two years...I never said patience was one of my strengths. I broke my own rule. Lol 😂🤷🏼‍♀️it escalated quickly...from thinking I wanted a HUGE dog, to a Pitt...to an Australian Shepherd until I found a local lady who was selling English Springer Spaniel pups (our old pup is same breed ,Max is a lover boy!). I figured a 👶🏻 isn’t in our cards right now so I might as well bring a different baby into the house 🤪😬😂 it doesn’t completely fill the desire to be a mom and go through the birth of our child but it’ll have to do for now.

I asked my husband what he thought about visiting with the puppies “to look” and we ended up claiming ours on the spot. We picked our newest fur baby up on Tuesday and am over the moon in love!

Here’s our lover boy, Max (turning 10 this year)

Our Ziva (turning 3 this year)

Our oh so inquisitive, Merlin- he’ll be 4 this year we didn’t get him as a baby

And our newest addition....Flynn! He’ll be 10 weeks on Saturday

So here I am living the life with my hubby and myself, our 2 pups and 2 cats. Trying not to let TTC/infertility make me feel broken inside. Here’s to taking this life one day at a time.

Picture on my and hubby ❤️❤️

Anyways, thanks for reading my struggle with TTC and yearning for a baby of my own.