Crappy doctor IMO


A week or so ago I went in for my first obgyn appointment after finding out I'm pregnant expecting to have an ultrasound and be over the moon at hearing the heartbeat. That isn't how the visit went:

Saw the nurse everything was fine, then the crabby old doctor came in and just pissed on my good day!

First he wouldn't believe me when I told him I quit smoking, brought it up at least 4 times telling me that I really needed to quit. I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant, I know it is hard and a lot of women can't quit that easily (I wasn't able to my first pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage) but was able to this time I put them down and haven't picked them back up in over a month. But the fact he kept bringing it up just kept me stressed until I almost yelled at him.

Second he ROLLED HIS EYES at me when he found out that my partner and I didn't use protection. Why would we I'm 38 years old and we have been trying to get pregnant for over 5 years (since my miscarriage). apparently my age is too great because he just asked to clarify that I was 38 and then said and y'all didn't use protection.

Third he told me repeatedly (5 or 6 times) that I live a very unhealthy lifestyle because I'm diabetic. The fact that I admitted to him that I have a candy bar from time to time is just horrible. He kept on and kept on about how unhealthy my lifestyle was (like he would really know seeing me for 15 damn minutes) to the point that he made me feel like because I'm diabetic and struggle with it some (not horribly since my regular doctor is quite happy with my numbers) that I didn't deserve to be pregnant. This is something I have wanted as long as I can remember and he kinda pissed on my parade.

Then lastly he accused me of smoking weed before it was all over with. I guess since I smoked cigarettes I automatically have to smoke weed too?

I was/am excited that I got to see my rainbow baby and hear that precious heartbeat, but that was over way too quickly especially when the rest of the appointment I was being bitched at... I was so scared going into the appointment that there wouldn't be a heartbeat like my pregnancy before I would have loved just a tiny bit if reassurance but I sure didn't get any.

Ok rant over lol... this doctor was recommended to me by several friends who love him and think he is the best... wish I could have seen why instead of the experience I had.