My sister fat shamed me


Ok so ladies I’m 15wks and 4dys I wore an out fit that I would normally wear if I wasn’t pregnant but I was feelin myself to a cook out. I could tell my sister felt some type of way so we start talking about my pregnancy and I told her so far I’ve only gained 3 almost 4 pounds and I wasn’t sure if that was normal. She told me I needed to slow down on my eating and tried to tell me that I need to eat less and that the baby would be ok if I starved a little, then she asked my mom did she gain weight while pregnant. I tried to brush it off sense this was my SO’s first time meeting the extended family but I was very much so offended. She’s always done this to me and I’m starting to notice that she could be jealous of me which breaks my heart.

(This is not the outfit but this is close to it)