What do you do when talking doesn’t work?

When you try to have a sit down heart to heart but your SO will not cooperate and doesn’t care if anything is fixed. They just expect you to get over it even if that takes you a couple days they don’t care & they won’t apologize???

My SO kept telling me “I don’t have anything to say today.” And kept repeating that when I was trying to have a serious convo about a issue he’s caused in our relationship. And he’d say “are you still talking?” He was just pure selfish and made me feel so low I almost felt suicidal because he was so cold unloving and careless even when I teared up. I spent like 2 hours trying to get through to him or see why he’s being this way and nothing. he’s been that way a lot and doesn’t have a good reason for it.

What do you do? Yell at them? Don’t talk to them? Leave them- even if they’re your husband?