After my son eats he gurgles. Hes 6 months and just sounds phlegmy after eating. Like he needs to clear his throat. Its not every time, and sometimes it doesnt happen at all, others it's a lot during the day. He had silent reflux but I assumed it went away cuz he didnt have any more signs unless this is one. I asked at his 2 month appt and his dr said theirwhole diet is liquid so its probably pooling in his throat. He can cough and loosen it and itll go away. It's like a gurgle when he takes a breath. I wasnt worried but my friend yesterday told me it sounded horrible. So now I'm all freaked out lol his throat and stuff should be fully developed now shouldn't it? As in, not soft like a newborn and everything should be mature??? He has an appt next week so I'm gunna make sure to ask but I was just hoping I wasnt alone. everything online is about newborns doing this, not 6 month olds :(