Any bachelorette fans out there???

Who are you rooting for?

I really like Peter, but I heard a rumor that he broke up with a long term girlfriend before he came in the show. Idk, at least he broke up with her before going on the show. I heard their relationship was rocky and wasn’t working out anyways. Idk.

I like Tyler but he’s not really my type so ehh. He is really respectful though.

Jed is cancelled. He had a gf and went on only for his music career. Then ghosted his gf when he came back from filming. Boy bye.

I feel like most of y’all girls on this app like Luke P w his manipulative ass but I can’t wait for home to go home tonight.

What are your guys thoughts on this season!?

I almost stopped watching cause it turned into the Luke P show, and I couldn’t stand it.