Can I rant?? 😞


I’m 23 years old and currently pregnant with my first child. Idk what it is but absolutely nobody can be happy for me no matter the situation. Wether I find a better paying job, a new car, finding a guy that treats me like gold or now having my first baby nobody can be excited for me. My brother has two girls and everyone was so excited for him, he changes jobs like underwear and every time my mom is excited for him. Why can’t I have my moment for once?? I’ve had a rough year divorcing from my cheating husband and finally caught a break and found my happiness when I met my boyfriend and now we’re pregnant. I know I’m young and it happened fast but you think people would be happy for me that for once in my life something good is happening. I’m finally getting the child I have prayed so long for and God couldn’t have picked a better man to father this baby. I will never understand why I can’t have my time, my moment of happiness. I get judged no matter what I do. The father and I are the only ones happy about my baby. It’s so depressing😞🥺

Let me add something before I get roasted for “moving too fast.” I was with my husband for 6 years, the last time I used birth control or protection was in high school. Note I only got pregnant by him one time and miscarried, found out he was cheating after my miscarriage. 7 months after leaving him I started dating the guy I’m with now and I got pregnant the first week me and him had sex and my baby is perfectly fine and growing as expected. God has a plan for everybody, nothing happens coincidentally. I wasn’t meant to be with my husband nor have a child with him. God brought me to exactly where I’m at with a wonderful man and has given me a child. Everything happens for a reason❤️❤️