Dear mean friend yes you have anger issues

Look I love you,

But girl you have a major anger problem. You scream and throw objects at family. You think you are nice but all your conversations revolve about you complaining concerning your appearance. But you look like a model so please stfu.

You've screamed at me over nothing and people noticed. You physically pushed me when I did nothing to you.

You think you should go out there and date. Sorry honey but you are abusive and need to fix your issues before you hurt someone else.

You whine non-stop for attention, and disregard others and how your behavior makes them feel.. you made me feel like awful on our last trip. After I went through a ton of work to put together where we were going you just complained, even though I asked you what you would like to do. You never put in any effort. You are too busy thinking about how your model.image face has one zit. Like get over yourself.

You are well over 25, you need to grow up.

Life isn't Instagram.