Piercing cleaning routine? Avoiding infection?!?🥵🤷🏼‍♀️


I got my cartilage pierced 2 days ago. As of right now I’m cleaning it morning and night. First I will wash the surrounding area with Johnson’s baby soap. I try to wash part of the jewelry but also want to avoid moving the jewelry so I’m not sure exactly how much is being washed. I then rinse it off the best I can using warm water. Then I mix a sea salt and water mixture and soak for 5 minutes. Last I use a saline wound solution and squirt a good bit on there. I then dry using a paper towel and q tip the best I can. It is still sore so again it may not be completely dry but I try to get it as good as I can without moving or bumping the jewelry. After cleaning it is pretty aggravated and more swollen looking. Am I doing too much, too less? Is this a good routine to use to get it clean and avoid infection? I know most will say go by what your piercer said. I was giving a “care sheet” that after looking up seemed outdated. He said to use dial soap, and after some personal research I found it was no longer recommended because of certain ingredients. The Johnson baby soap has none of the ingredients my research advised to stay away from. I also have kept my hair up since getting the piercing. I’m not comfortable with it being on top the jewelry and I don’t want it to tug or get wrapped around the bar. I am also washing my hair less because it is harder to do and more time consuming. Any other tips would be great as I’ll be cleaning this for a while and want some clarification on whether or not I’m doing a decent job haha. I’m super scared of infection seeing as how it is sore and I want to stay away from extra pain as much as possible.