A bit worried 😂

So my boyfriend and I where having sex (keep in mind that I was ovulating at the time) and he always checks the condom (18 and 19 yrs old...not trying to have any little Olympic swimmers get up in there any time soon 😂)

He blows up the condom - I know it’s a little nasty, you don’t have to tell me - and ties a knot around it. He squeezes it and...

My worst fear happens. It bursts.

He said before it burst, he felt air on his chest but he wasn’t sure if there was a hole or that he just didn’t tie the knot tight enough. He also told me that when he pulled out to check on it, he didn’t see anything leaking out.

I took some Plan B and went home and got showered and changed.

Again, I was ovulating. I’m also 18 and have no actual affordable doctor nor an OB/GYN (thanks NJ for the shit healthcare 🙄) and talking to a family member is out of the question.

I haven’t really slept in a few days because of it and I’m...very anxious to begin with.