Pls help.. My last actual period started May 15th my boyfriend and I had sex on the 14th of June.. I started spotting around the 16th for only like a day.. I have literally all the symptoms of pregnancy.. my back has been killing me lately, I have acne, peeing more, feeling sick all the time, super tired earlier, my belly feels super super bloated or something.. my breasts seem heavier an I feel like they have gotten bigger but I’m not sure.. definitely really tender.. excessive saliva🙄 I’m constantly spitting.. I don’t have a lot of food aversions but the odd things that I do it’s really bad.. I’ve never drank chocolate milk in like 3 years an I’ve been craving it so much.. and even chocolate ice cream etc.. an when I’m on my period it’s always been salty things... but I’m just not much for that stuff any more usually.. everything’s super strange. I took a pregnancy test at home around the 23rd of June. Negitive. Took another like 2 days later. Negitive. I had a blood pregnancy test done too an it was also negitive.. am I just going crazy?.. 😓everything just seems to be getting worse.. I’m so afraid if I am pregnant an the hcg or whatever didn’t pick up I just want my baby to be healthy..