Catfished by boyfriend and I’m pregnant

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I met my boyfriend 5 months ago and we have been together practically every night since we got together. 2 days ago I found out I was pregnant, I told my boyfriend yesterday. He told me today he didn’t want another kid and just wanted nothing to do with me or our kid and that he was moving back to Florida. So I went on Facebook to search for his best friend because something wasn’t adding up and I was suspicious. Come to find out my Boyfriend Josh wasn’t actually Josh. His name is Justin and he is married with 2 kids. Now I knew about the kids, but he always said how him and the baby mom never got along and always fighting and haven’t been together in a year. Well joke is on me because they are “Happily Married”. I feel so disgusting and stupid for believing anything he ever said to me. I wanna do the right thing and tell the wife because I feel like I would want to know but how do I do that too those other two kids. I’m at a loss on what to do. I am not a home wrecker and he made me be one. Why couldn’t I have seen this sooner and or smarter. I pick winners that’s for sure. Any advice or what you would do would be appreciated. 😬😭😔

Update: Thank you for all of your comments and kind words! I am going to tell his wife, but I’m going to get live proof from the source himself. I agreed to meet him at a public place at 7:30 tonight and I am going to record everything he says, and send it to her with video. Wish me luck!


I did do the video but it was to long to upload. When we talked he basically said he made the biggest mistake of his life. And he doesn’t want to tell his wife, and still wants absolutely nothing to do with this baby. He was in actual tears. I should be the one upset, not him. But why do I actually feel bad for the asshole? What is wrong with me. Anyway I messaged his wife with screenshots of our texts and sent her pictures of the two of us. Just waiting for her to read it.

Update #3

Thank you all for the awesome words of encouragement. The wife has not read what I sent her yet but when she does you all will be the first to know and I will keep you all updated.

Finally UPDATE #4

Not to exciting, the wife has read my message but in 3 hours has not responded. I have have also contacted a lawyer but they can’t do anything until I’m at least 6 months along. I have not heard from asshole either. If I hear from either one, with any updates. You all will be the first to know. As of right now I feel a lot better that the wife knows and I can start moving on and preparing for baby. First OB appointment is July 29th and I’m excited and slightly nervous. You ladies are beyond amazing!

Update #5

The asshole finally called me and was crying his eyes out asking me “why I told her” cause he was gonna tell her when he got home. Which he totally wasn’t cause more then once he said he was never going to tell her. But then he said his wife keeps blowing up his phone, and tried to make me feel guilty. And it worked, I actually felt sorry and Pitt for him. Sometimes I really hate how kindhearted and caring because I don’t want to feel sorry for him. He did this to me, to his wife, to his kids and to his family. He manipulated, lied, and cheated. I didn’t do anything wrong. Just have to keep reminding myself that

Update #6

Sounds like the wife is going to forgive him... she says she wants him to have nothing to do with me or my baby. If I have to contact him about baby it has to be through her. I said if and when I have to speak to the baby’s father it will be through him. Going to get in contact with my lawyer and see what my options are and if he can terminate his rights but pay child support!