Constantly thinking about baby sleep!

Connie • Savannah's mommy ♥️ March 11, 2019 🤱

My daughter is not sleeping well at night. It is consuming my life and thoughts to be honest! I checked out books from the library, follow blogs, google and research so much trying to figure out what will be best for her to get her to sleep more! I'm so indecisive on what to do... It's driving me crazy. I feel less confident as a mother knowing that my baby should be getting better sleep. She also cries for anyone that watches her besides me or my husband so there's that too. ☹️ I've been back to work full time for over a month and she still isn't super happy with being with Grandma during the day! Makes me feel super guilty to be a working mom - a working breastfeeding mom that gets no sleep at night and pumps 4x a day. Exhausting lol.