Lost & confused

Among all of the stress I'm currently tackling between my divorce, living arrangement, job, financials, boyfriend...basically everything causing havoc in my life right now, I've found myself lost in limbo with my thoughts.

I love my boyfriend of 8 months. He can be amazing but we clash a lot. And he can be too much to handle at times. But thinking about leaving him both makes me extremely sad yet relieved at the same time.

Basically I want someone driven to succeed and make a good life for themselves. Not someone who says he wants something but wont fight for it. Someone who respects me, what I have and am going through and will be there emotionally and lovingly when I need them the most. Someone who will make a great stepdad to my daughter; which my gut says he will not regardless of him having a 4 year old already but also expressing he isn't a fan of young kids my daughter's age.

Anyways, I'm stuck between staying with him and loving him but wondering if he'll ever change how he is, and leaving him to be single or meet someone who is what I want in life at the beginning.