Teething Wafers


Has anyone experienced issues with giving their little one teething wafers? My son loves them and has tried 2 different brands consisting of 4 different flavors. He is a very happy baby normally and sleeps fairly well. He has his nights that he will sleep for 6 or more hrs straight and then hit me with a few nights of waking up every 4 hrs or less. Hes not hungry cuz he doesn't nurse like he is. Last night was really bad, he was inconsolable and was up for close to an hr and a half crying. I tried giving him medicine and doing every thing under the sun BUT he still screamed until he finally fell asleep. I was wondering if maybe it has something to do with the teething wafers. Maybe they don't agree with his belly sometimes. I'm really at a loss and just want my poor baby to sleep. He nurses exclusively and has baby food 3 times a day and eats snacks (consisting of puffs and wafers) throughout the day. I'm thinking about bringing it up at his next dr appt which is later this month.