TDAP vaccine and family issue


Hey ladies

So I got my TDAP shot and I was able to talk my husband into his shot.

So my obgyn and the pediatric doctor I set up for my daughter recommended anyone in close contact needs a tdap shot.

Tdap is important for people close to the baby because baby won’t be able to defend against pertussis which where I live it’s a pandemic right now. (Yes I’m going to breastfeed exclusively, but it’s still recommend to have people vaccinated)

I have no issues with enforcing this issue.

I informed my husband that my stepson needs to go get the TDAP shot now rather then later.

He said yeah okay (which is what he normally says when he is half listening).

I’m a week away from my obgyn not stopping any preterm labor that starts back up.

Jimmy my stepson at this point hasn’t gotten his up-to date shots that I know if snd not a tdap either. My husband told me that jimmy hadn’t gotten a shots as a baby, my husband told me in a unrelated conversation and that his ex wife is a anti vaccine person, had to take him for his shots when she was in rehab a few years ago. Though I’m not clear in if he followed up with his series shots MMR and whatnot.

This makes me soooo uncomfortable, I don’t want to bring it up because he’ll get angry and yell. So I’m not sure what to do other then to say sorry he can’t see the baby till she’s had all her shots or he has had his snd can show me paperwork that he has.

Which I feel like it’s shouldn’t have to be that way, however I don’t want my baby getting sick.

What would you do?