Any parents of older, musically inclined kids?

How did you know they were musically inclined? What age did you recognize it? Any advice on how to <a href="">nurture</a> this, aside from music lessons? I don’t think she’s old enough for that yet.

Some 2 year old wants to listen to music constantly. She’s taught herself to operate a keyboard she got as a gift for her birthday and will listen and dance along to the music demos on repeat for hours if I let her. She plays the sound of the cymbal and tells me that’s the sound it makes when we throw something into the garbage can. She plays on a kid drum kit pretty well and can keep a beat with the drama, cymbals and bass drum. She dances to anything that could be considered a beat, including the vacuum and blender. She’s memorized several nursery rhymes and songs and remembers lyrics after hearing a song once or twice. This is even to complicated songs by the Beatles and the Cure for example. Since she was a baby she’s cried when songs have a sad melody or lyrics. She makes up her own lyrics and sings her own songs often. I have a deep appreciation of music, but I can’t play any instruments. My husband isn’t much into music at all. Any ideas how to encourage my daughter’s musical abilities if she has them?