Maintaining social life after baby


I will be a FTM this fall. So, pro moms, tell me if this is unrealistic.... I was hoping that in an attempt to maintain a social life, after baby is born, my husband and I could pick one day a month where we get a "me day" to do whatever we want while the other parent is on baby duty. My husband loves to golf, so I'm sure that will be his "me time". I like to hang out with my friends, so I was thinking my "me time" would involve lunches, manicures, or going to dinner. A friend of mine thinks it's unrealistic and says that I won't want to go out of the house. Part of me thinks she doesn't understand what I'm saying (she can, at times, have difficulty seeing things from other people's points of view). I tend to think if I tell myself it'll happen, then it'll happen. So if I tell myself that I'll make "me time", I will. If I tell myself I won't want to leave my house, then I won't. So, that's why I'm making saying this is my plan. But am I just being naive and unrealistic? And if anyone else has successfully done something like this, please give me some tips!