Feeling Down

Christina • Wife 💍 Mama CJ 7/3/2016 Noah 7/1/2019💙

So I had an emergency c section a week ago my sons head and shoulders weren’t going to pass plus he was 9 lbs 11oz so with that and my narrow pelvis he wasn’t coming out vaginally. Now I know it hasn’t been very long at all and it will take time considering I just had major surgery a week ago but I cannot help it but feel very insecure and just down about how my body looks now. I am still swollen got this belly that hangs over and just feel blah. I shouldn’t have but I tried on a few of my shorts and I of course do not fit them I don’t fit anything unless it’s stretchy. I started my pregnancy at 189 and ended at 220 so even though I didn’t put on a lot of weight I put on enough to make me my heaviest. I’ve so far lost 18 pounds in a week. My question to all the c section mamas out there is how long did it take for your swelling in your belly to go away or at least lessen and will the pouch that hangs over ever go away?