Registry rant

Not the type of rant y'all might be thinking lol

I will say I'm a FTM, and the registry I created is more of a checklist for myself and my husband to use and get some stuff when the discount becomes available.

I do not expect anybody to purchase anything off of it, simply because it was not made with that intention. We have had a few people purchase a few items, so that's a bit of money saved on our end!

My rant comes in to play here: my aunt made a comment saying "I saw your registry the other day and thought it was a lot of stuff" while making a face which gave me the impression that she thought it was unnecessary to have so many items (83).

I have items in all price ranges. The most expensive thing being a $170 high chair. The cheapest being $2.99 for plug covers. I have a few select items marked as 'Must Have' since we did have people ask for the registry, that could give them an idea of what we need. None of those items are over $70. My problem is, if you don't intend on purchasing anything off of the registry, don't worry about what's on it.

This is a comment coming from someone who doesn't have any kids & comes from Mexico where registries are non existent basically. At least not as hyped up as they are here in the US. This is also coming from someone who told me "don't get your baby used to expensive diapers, only use Walmart brand on him" 🙄

I'm really not a picky person, and hey, if my baby seems to prefer Walmart brand diapers, then so be it! But if it happens to be that he prefers Pampers or some other more expensive brand, then I'll buy my son what he's gonna be comfortable in.

Just annoyed that people with no experience with kids feel the right to have an input on how I should do things. Rant over.